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Greetings from our “House” to yours.   Being built by Bogner Housing Alternatives, our “House” is located in Haven at 410 North Reno Street.  This house is for the elderly who may need more care and assistance than can be provided in their own home.  Surveys indicate baby boomers are wanting home care as opposed to institutional living such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Residents of Home Plus facilities live like a family. They share common spaces of the home such as living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, but can have private bedrooms and private bathrooms with roll in showers.  Home Plus facilities do not use commercial kitchens; home style meals are prepared everyday using the standard kitchens within the facility and residents are encouraged to eat together like a family.

Additionally, Home Plus facilities are not factory facilities. Residents are encouraged to maintain their independence and choose their own schedules. They decide when they want to go to bed, when they want to eat, and how they want to spend their time throughout the day. Home Plus facilities are small, but the benefits are not. They provide quality care in a home,  (family settings) that must regularly meet the demands of the state of Kansas. When evaluating housing options, consider a Home Plus facility, it is the only type of senior care facility where home comes first.